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Boskerfiction 《Cultivation Online》 - 1 boy regular propose-p2


Novel - Cultivation Online - Cultivation Online

1 rare quirky

Legacy: Nothing

Uncle Rutherford's Nieces

As being the clock strikes zero, Yuan's perspective abruptly twists, offering him a little head ache. When he blinks and opens up his sight, he detects themself in some sort of small town where lots of people that wore the exact same whitened robe as him, obtained.

"!!!" The beauty's expression unexpectedly modified upon discovering the knowledge during the crystal tennis ball, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Fracture. Fracture. Split...


The countdown carried on to lessen when the little person tries to acquaint themselves with the experience of switching his limbs.

However, just for this young person having invested more than half of his lifestyle living in a world void of gentle, he could keep on lifestyle without delivering in give up hope.

"What a strange NPC. What do i need to do now?" He appearances round the drain position.

The little man's vision have been sealed, apparently asleep, nevertheless the girl ongoing to talk: "On this page, permit me to assist you put it on…"


The female smiles, tenderly caressing his head of hair so that it wouldn't take the time him. "Sibling, even though I will be fast paced with school this week, next weeks time for sure, I am going to enjoy you."

"I will revisit down the road, so until then, have a great time!" Just after those words and phrases, she visited effect the b.u.t.ton along the side of the helmet and patiently waited several moments before leaving the young male all to him self.

Bloodline: None of them

When the timer reaches zero, Yuan's eye-sight instantly twists, presenting him a little hassle. When he blinks and starts up his view, he discovers themself in some kind of community where many people that wore a similar bright white robe as him, compiled.

The female climbs over the sizeable your bed which may healthy an entire family of four, and she raises his mind, applying the helmet she acquired well prepared on his brain.

"Acceptable." Thinking that she happens to be an NPC, the small person comes after her guidance and destinations his palm on the crystal golf ball without considering it far too much, and ideas started out showing up inside the crystal tennis ball.

Since the clock hits no, Yuan's eyesight instantly twists, delivering him a slight head ache. As he blinks and opens his eye, he sees themself in some sort of town where lots of folks that wore the exact same bright robe as him, collected.

The countdown carried on to minimize because the youthful person attempts to acquaint him self along with the a sense of switching his arms and legs.

It was actually unthinkable to begin with, but experiencing it firsthand, the small male could only believe it.

"Bring this." The beauty retrieves a jade medallion from thin air flow and instantly tosses it to him. "Be sure to don't shed it, I will watch you just as before."

The sweetness has never been this surprised well before, even to begin her system trembling.

The whole world before him was mostly dark-colored, much like the night sky without stars. Nevertheless, it wasn't entirely black since he could view the bright phone numbers hovering above him, slowly keeping track of downwards.

"I will see… I will actually feel my limbs… I… am not any longer sightless or even a impact..." The younger guy almost shattered straight down in this darkness, being emotive and nearly falling to his knees.

Legacy: Nothing


Actual Defense: 10

Heart and soul Toughness: 1,210

The female climbs for the substantial mattress that might physically fit a full group of several, and she lifts his head, getting the headgear she acquired geared up on his top of your head.

Elder Melody smiled and said: "I am going to reply to your questions down the road, however, allow me to teach you about it planet."

"Paradise Polishing Figure!" Her hands and fingers trembled in addition to the crystal golf ball in her understand. "Let alone his Heart and soul Sturdiness is the get ranked of Nature Warrior even with simply being just a mortal without cultivation — No, that could be absolutely nothing when compared with his figure! "

"What exactly is your own name?" she requests him having a serious expression.