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Novel - Pocket Hunting Dimension - Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 880 - The Standards Are A Bit Different undesirable accept

Lu Ze sprang out prior to the elephant and punched it. He applied Wonderful Fist Artwork and rammed his fist toward the beast’s brain.

The elephant sensed his growing chi and immediately withstood up in vigilance.

It turned out an enormous loot!

Three of the rapidly climbed the maximum. Soon, these were involved in a levels-5 celebrity declare bone tissue-armored elephant, who had been sleeping within the rink with the optimum. Simply because it breathed, the breeze have been turbulent like thunder.

The elephant’s chi was promptly damaged.

These folks were learned.

On the following ten many hours, the 3 of those killed all kinds of beasts they come across without difficulty.


This was an efficient style of jungling.

The elephant’s chi was instantly fragile.

Lu Ze observed his potential explode. He was bursting by it.

At this time, the heavens all of a sudden made dark.

Lu Ze billed up. Their cooperation was faultless. From nowhere, the elephant turned around.

He experienced expanded stronger, and he acquired Lu Li for the side.

Each of the beasts nearby stiffened.

Lu Ze grinned. He wiped out this tolerate using a one impact.

Lu Ze’s left-hand flowed with mild since he punched all over again, breaking through the wound.

Lu Ze agreed upon. “We can eliminate much more stage-5 superstar point out beasts today.”

The tolerate checked all over in confusion and stress, wondering whether he moved sightless.

Qiuyue Hesha simply nodded.


Qiuyue Hesha teased, “Lu Ze, could there really be any ulterior mystery between you and this keep?” Lu Ze: “…”

It absolutely was a tremendous loot!

White-colored mindset flames rose up from Lu Ze. Darkness fan and fire buff created inside his body system.

He desired to test out how strong he was now at full energy.

He didn’t expect that being being a super-monster!

The elephant was flung into your skies.

The three were undertaken aback.

Lu Ze snarled.

At this moment, the sky abruptly turned black.

Gemstones rolled along the hills.

‘… That elephant upper leg had a divine fine art, right?’

The six of which together should certainly check out. Lu Ze shook his head and smiled. “Let’s continue.”

coniston inn

Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha flew more than.

Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha flew more than.

The beast roared in fury upon discovering the futility from the infiltration.

The carry turned all around and roared. Lu Ze invaded its territory.

Inside of a hill range, the audience found another point-5 legend express elephant.

The fist pressure attained its coa.r.s.e skin area, setting up a b.l.o.o.d.y gaping gap.

It had been a tremendous loot!

They had already annihilated six elephants and ten bears.