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Chapter 723 - Return In One Piece! need practice

Right after a glance at Hao Ren, Duan Yao was approximately to get into the beach when Lady Zhen arrived out of your normal water using an extensive-sleeved very long attire that had been embroidered with floral and wildlife habits.

“I'll go back,” Hao Ren resolved with no reluctance as he imagined returning to Zhao Yanzi, Xie Yujia, and his household who were still expecting his profit.

“I… I will eliminate you!” She tossed the words to Hao Ren unexpectedly.

Discovering Hao Ren choosing to profit, Duan Yao's heart and soul lurched. She didn't know if this commenced, but Hao Ren experienced end up the person who pressed her in front. She always looked at him when she developed.

The crown princes around Hao Ren and Xie Yujia believed Xie Yujia indeed enjoyed Hao Ren deeply since she cried in this way whilst Hao Ren was only missing for approximately twelve times. They didn't realize that Hao Ren was for the Nine Dragon Palace as well as Demon Ocean!

When her words arrived, she valued she wasn't intended to speak with this pervert.

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When he was thinking, Hao Ren flew right out of the Demon Sea.

From Duan Yao's one sentence, Hao Ren obtained reasoned your whole scenario.

“Ugh…” Duan Yao froze for several mere seconds, being unsure of how you can answer.

In about a dozen time, Hao Ren got raised to Xun-levels from Dui-level!

She possessed believed that Hao Ren would vacation here to ensure that she could get the chance to have process fights with him.

Speeches on Questions of Public Policy

One of the most astonished was Lu Qi who had observed Hao Ren considering that the latter was at Zhen-point. Every time he discovered Hao Ren, the latter had better greatly!

“Ahead folks would be the border from the Demon Sea,” Duan Yao checked up and explained when linking ahead.

Seeing and hearing his words, a locate of loneliness flashed in Su Han's eye, but her expression stayed the exact same, understanding that Hao Ren possessed his spouse and children together with other add-ons although she was only an orphan who has been in search for the greatest kingdom.

“Thank you.” Su Han nodded without doubt.

The crown princes around Hao Ren and Xie Yujia thought that Xie Yujia indeed loved Hao Ren deeply considering the fact that she cried similar to this though Hao Ren was just missing for around a dozen days or weeks. They didn't be aware that Hao Ren have been into the Nine Dragon Palace as well as the Demon Seas!

Flapping its wings, the 3-footed bird quickly sent back to the middle of the Demon Water.

The ordinary cultivators could have passed away 100 days or even one thousand days whenever they inserted these two sites!

Hao Ren were missing for longer than ten days, and the dragon cultivators in the Calligraphy Group as well as Lu Qi couldn't discover him.

The Demon Water was just like a prison to the Heavenly World, and a myriad of demon beasts were definitely locked in there. Hao Ren wouldn't have appreciated it if his daughter got picked out in which to stay this type of spot.

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Checking out the quiet sea, nobody would assume that it was subsequently a hazardous put filled with demon beasts.

The Co-Citizens

“Duan Yao, just where do you expert, Young lady Zhen, develop during the past?” Hao Ren asked suddenly immediately after traveling by air on the seas surface area for a short time.

The Demon Sea was much like a prison to the Incredible World, and an array of demon beasts ended up locked in there. Hao Ren wouldn't have liked it if his little girl experienced decided on to remain in a really put.

Sitting on a five-elemental sword vitality, Hao Ren adhered to Duan Yao.

The students in East Ocean University or college were in cla.s.s when Hao Ren landed about the college campus during the power sphere.

“Hao Ren is a real guru among prodigies!” they thought to them selves.

The crown princes around Hao Ren and Xie Yujia considered that Xie Yujia indeed loved Hao Ren deeply considering that she cried such as this when Hao Ren was only missing for around twelve weeks. They didn't understand that Hao Ren had been on the Nine Dragon Palace and the Demon Sea!

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“Maybe I will reside a life like Zhao Yanzi someday…” Right after contemplating Zhao Yanzi, Duan Yao was packed with covet and jealousy.

From Duan Yao's one phrase, Hao Ren obtained reasoned out your complete tale.

Su Han will be safe in the Demon Water. Also, given that she wanted to pay attention to her farming, Hao Ren didn't would like to disrupt her.

From Duan Yao's one phrase, Hao Ren acquired reasoned your whole narrative.

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Duan Yao experienced arranged to ignore him, but she blurted out her solution at his unexpected question. “I'm not sure…”

“Yao, you could provide Gongzi Hao right out of the water,” Girl Zhen said suddenly when Duan Yao converted to consider Hao Ren.

“Gongzi Hao, you will be the brother of Zhen Yuan Immortal, and i also can't treat you as a junior any more.” Lady Zhen considered Hao Ren and smiled.

in and out

“Hao Ren!”

Whenever they began to fear that a little something obtained took place to him, Hao Ren got back unexpectedly.

Duan Yao acquired intended to ignore him, but she blurted out her remedy at his quick issue. “I'm not sure…”