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and as i advanced to higher levels of competition From 2000 06 Belichick took nine tight ends, doubling up in 2001 (Jabari Holloway, Arther Love) and coca cola Crocs 2006 (David Thomas, Gymshark tank Garrett Mills). With Gronkowski having completed his first healthy season since his rookie year of 2010, the urgency to grab one early doesn't exist. But having a capable backup, especially with Michael Hoomanawanui owed $400,000 in roster bonuses, $300,000 of which is due on March 14.

Vanden Bosch has been engaged in talks about a contract extension going back to the preseason, according to league sources, but nothing has emerged. There are plans for taupe leggings for sale the sides to talk again during the bye week, but certainly they have to reassess the future after starting 0 5. Winning teams will be scanning the rosters of losing teams for good players who are potential free agents a la Vanden Bosch and perhaps something comes along that makes sense for both sides.